Phi Beta Sigma announces ‘Good Trouble’ service for John Lewis

Three Days of “Good Trouble” in Service July 3 – August 1, 2020

Phi Beta Sigma men from around the world will unite to celebrate the life and legacy of the Hon. Bro. John R. Lewis for three days of Good Trouble in Service starting on Thursday, July 30 through Saturday, Aug. 1, 2020. Chapters are encouraged to do one of three service projects that will honor our beloved brother and showcase Sigma men being a Brotherhood of Conscious Men Actively Serving Our Communities.

The following service projects are encouraged:

Good Trouble event No. 1 – Voter Registration / Education and Absentee Ballot Request Process/Census 2020 – Men of Sigma are encouraged to register citizens in their community to vote in preparation for the upcoming Nov. election. Chapters are encouraged to create flyers with candidate information from the federal, state, and local races with website information of all candidates for citizens to visit and educate themselves on the candidates and the issues they stand for. Chapters are encouraged to canvass neighborhoods with these flyers on a designated day. Chapters are also encouraged to create a flyer that educates citizens on how to request an absentee ballot for the upcoming election. This education material will assist those concerned about in-person voting but want to make sure their voice and their vote is counted on November 3rd. This information should be posted on the chapter social media channels and the flyers should be passed out in public spaces or in neighborhoods by knocking on doors or placing the materials indoors. Each state absentee ballot request process is different, chapter social action directors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the local absentee request laws. Would also encourage you to provide information on Census 2020…please refer to our International Programs update for Census 2020 published each Monday or

Good Trouble event No. 2 – Collecting canned goods for local food banks – COVID-19 has impacted food banks and their ability to be fully stocked due to the overwhelming number of households out of work and suffering. Sigma chapters are encouraged to join forces with our sisters of Zeta Phi Beta and collect canned goods and make a substantial donation to your local food bank in response to COVID-19 and for the families that have been impacted by the pandemic.

Good Trouble event No. 3 – Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery – Hon. Bro. Lewis personally offered active opposition to human trafficking and slavery; if this is a major issue within your community, please go to the Department Homeland Security website for additional information to pass out; would encourage you to do this project on Thursday, July 30 as that’s World Day Against Trafficking.

Good Trouble event No. 4 – Locally responsive service – Chapters who are unable to participate in either one of the above service projects are highly encouraged to participate in a service project that is uniquely beneficial to your community. The project should honor the life and legacy of Congressman John Lewis and demonstrate his care for the beloved community.

Sigma chapters are asked to conduct good trouble in service on at least one of the three days. Chapters are encouraged to wear sigma paraphernalia during all service projects, document the service and flood social media with pictures and videos. Hashtags for the events should be #PBSGoodTrouble, #BelovedCommunity, #HumanDignity and #BrotherhoodOCM. Chapters that have relationships with local media outlets are encouraged to contact them and make them aware of the service that your local chapter is conducting on behalf of Hon. Bro. John Lewis. All activities are encouraged to be done in conjunction with our sisters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., our Sigma Beta Club members and other community-based organizations.

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