Hosea Helps back to school drive in Atlanta with hand sanitizers

palmpalm donates more than 2,500 bottles of hand sanitizer to Hosea Helps

As children across Atlanta get ready to head back to school this fall, palmpalm™, a new, fast-acting hand sanitizer company, is donating over 2,500 bottles of hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer stations, hand sanitizer gallons and pumps, and sanitizing wipes to Hosea Helps Back to School Jamboree, a local drive that benefits over 2,000 low-income families in Atlanta, GA. Taking place on Saturday, August 29, from 10:00 a.m. to 2.p.m. The annual event provides students in communities of color with access to supplies they need for the school year, including hand sanitizer, book bags, school supplies, snacks, fresh produce, and more.

“Recognizing that more than 15 million kids today live in extreme poverty in the U.S. and are among those most vulnerable to COVID-19, we wanted to ensure that families in under-resourced communities have access to the supplies they need to stay healthy this school year,” said Anthony Magaraci, CEO and Founder of palmpalm. “This school year looks completely different from years past and comes with an entirely new set of concerns for parents. Partnering with Hosea Helps is our way of giving back to our community and providing families with a little more peace of mind this fall as their kids head back to the classroom.”

palmpalm, who has offices in Atlanta, is formulated in alignment with CDC guidelines. The brand’s safe, effective and fresh-smelling, germ-fighting solution contains 70percent alcohol using a carcinogen-free, FDA-approved ethanol. palmpalm is available in a range of sizes, including 8-ounce squeeze bottles, two-ounce spray bottles and one-gallon jugs. The brand also offers 50-count and 10-count hand sanitizing wipes.


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