Polls shows black voters are key to keeping Donald Trump out of White House

A new poll suggests strongly that African Americans and other minorities are the determining factor as whether Republican firebrand Donald Trump will win the White House in today’s election.
According to New York Mag a new Pew Hispanic Center survey of Latinos showed Trump winning just 19% of their community’s votes. If you remember, an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in earlier this year gave Trump 17% among likely voter Latinos.
Polls have shown that African-Americans, on the other hand, are giving Trump earning zero percent. However, a new Pew survey showed Trump with a meager 3% of the black vote.
As we approach Election Day and what could be a close presidential contest, however, it matters a great deal whether minority voters fear a Trump administration enough to turn out in large numbers to help stop it from happening. Certainly the Clinton campaign will be making a final get-out-the-vote pitch to these voters based on convincing them their future happiness depends on keeping Trump far from the White House. And there would appear to be some raw material they can work with in that effort.
An ABC/Washington Post survey earlier this month showed 70 percent of nonwhite voters having a strongly unfavorable opinion of Trump. That actually exceeded the percentage of self-identified conservatives who had a strongly unfavorable opinion of Hillary Clinton. An NBC/Wall Street Journal survey last month showed 70 percent of Latinos have “very negative” feelings toward the GOP nominee. Also last month, a USA Today/Suffolk poll showed 80 percent of African-Americans regarding Trump as a racist, and more than 60 percent of Latinos agreed.
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