Amerigroup Georgia Launches Baby Food Pantry To Support Families In Need

As part of its commitment to assisting families facing economic challenges, Amerigroup Georgia has introduced a pioneering Baby Food Pantry. 

Located at the Amerigroup Community Center in East Point, Georgia, this innovative initiative is the first of its kind in the Atlanta metro area and aims to provide essential nutrition to infants and toddlers.

The Baby Food Pantry will operate on the third Thursday of each month from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. The next distribution is scheduled for Thursday, July 18th, and will be free and open to the public. 

Given the limited supplies, families are encouraged to arrive early to ensure they receive the necessary resources.

Jasmin Colvin, a Community Relations representative for Amerigroup Georgia, emphasized the significance of this initiative. “We know there is significant food insecurity, especially in areas like ours that are often food deserts,” Colvin said. “Our goal is to ensure that mothers and their babies have access to the nutritional needs they require.”

In addition to baby food, the pantry will also distribute other essential supplies for infants and mothers. Colvin explained that the Amerigroup Community Center has been a vital resource for the local community since its opening two years ago. The center hosts various community events and provides ongoing support, regardless of whether families are Amerigroup members.

One of the mothers benefiting from the program is Shamika Rhodes. Rhodes is very passionate about connecting resources to the Black community, serving as an advocate. She highlighted the program’s transformative impact. “I’ve been a part of Amerigroup for a while, and these programs are so important for our community,” Rhodes said. “I’m always spreading the word about the resources available, like the diaper days, baby food pantry and Walmart free days. I’ve found myself being a catalyst to go get the items and bring them back to other mothers who may feel ashamed.” 

She added: “We can’t just say the resources aren’t there, we have to put ourselves in places where the resources are,” Rhodes said. 

Colvin shared a touching story about the connection she feels with the families who attend these events regularly. “There was a mom who went into labor during one of our events,” she recalled. “It was amazing to see her come back the next month, grateful for the support she received that helped her transition back home with her baby. It’s moments like these that show the true impact of our work.”

The diaper days, another initiative hosted by the center, occur every third Monday of the month, providing families with diapers and wipes. These events also offer opportunities to connect with various community organizations, ensuring families are aware of the additional resources and services available to them.

Reflecting on the center’s community role, Colvin said, “We strive to be a consistent presence and focus on maternal initiatives, taking care of the families we serve. It’s fulfilling to see the connections we build and the trust we earn from the community.”

As the program continues to grow, it promises to be a crucial resource for many parents striving to provide the best for their children.

For more information about the Amerigroup Georgia and all of the resources they offer, visit the Amerigroup Community Center located at 3030 Headland Drive, Suite 900, East Point, or visit their website here. 

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