Reparations Back on the Table for Georgians Impacted by Slavery

A controversial proposal to provide reparations for Georgians descended from slaves is gaining momentum. A Georgia task force created in 2021 is gaining momentum after commissioners approved $250,000 to fund research regarding reparations for eligible residents descended from slaves. 

The Fulton County Board of Commissioners approved a $250,000 budget for a reparations task force to assess the feasibility of compensating the descendants of formerly enslaved Black county residents for the unpaid labor and unjust land seizure their ancestors endured.

“This is important work being done by volunteers who are all passionate about an issue facing every African American not only in Fulton County, but around this country,” Fulton County Commission Marvin Arrington Jr. said in a statement.

The preliminary research that the task force conducted last year centered largely on Buckhead, where multiple historically Black neighborhoods existed. 

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