Former celebrity assistant pens memoir on catering to A-list clients

Former celebrity assistant authors memoir on life catering to A-list talent
Former celebrity assistant Darius Bradley authors a memoir detailing his journey and life catering to A-list talent

Former celebrity assistant turned entertainment strategist, Darius Bradley has transitioned into an author with the announcement of his upcoming memoir No Damn
Excuses: The Survival of a Celebrity Assistant which is set to release on October 18.

No Damn Excuse provides readers with an insider account of the private world of the celebrity assistant, through the lens of Bradley, while aiding celebrities that include Rotimi (STARZ “Power”), Saycon Sengbloh (“Respect”) and Gbenga Akinnagbe (HBO’s “The Duece”).

The author takes readers on a journey from his upbringing in the small town of South Bend, Indiana to his days in New York City working at radio stations, record labels, booking agencies and alongside celebrities.

No Damn Excuse’tells a story of a young man uprooting his life in Indiana at the young age of 20. Leaving behind a $5,000 tennis scholarship and moving to New Jersey to attend the New Jersey Institute of Technology,” Bradley said. “The story continued from this point on.”

A true memoir, “No Damn Excuse” doesn’t simply highlight stories of celebrity interactions but also the hardships that Bradley went through while employed as an assistant. His journey navigates through unexpected challenges, emotions, backstabbing, heartbreak, and more. And while there are certainly
some dynamic lows, Bradley also shares the highs for his pursuit of happiness and professional satisfaction.

“The survival of a celebrity assistant holds many definitions for me. For seventeen months I slept on two separate couches to pursue my dreams of becoming a full-time road manager. I continued the journey despite the constant roadblocks and detours put in my way. Being someone’s personal assistant takes discipline because you are deciding to live another person’s life for an extended amount of years,” Bradley said.

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