Justin Ross Harris' Hot Car Child Death Case Will Go to Trial

justin-ross-harris familyA suburban Atlanta judge has ruled that the evidence compiled against Justin Harris Ross, the man who left his son Cooper in a hot car for over seven hours to die, is more than sufficient to move forward to trial with second-degree murder and felony child cruelty charges.
The judge finds probable cause for the case to move forward based on two main reasons:

  1. The son, Cooper, was already long dead and had undergone “rigor mortis” (decomposition), producing an overwhelmingly foul oder that should have alerted the father that his son, 22-month-old Cooper,was dead.
  2. Harris and his wife both researched child deaths in cars in the weeks leading up to son Cooper, 22 months old, passing away in the back of the family vehicle.

The judge also denied Harris bond for possible death penalty case in the future.
There is also reports that police may charge Harris’ wife in the very near future for her alleged involvement or cooperations in this alleged murder.
Matters are also potentially worse for Justin Ross Harris. He may be charged with child pornography, in addition to the murder and child cruelty charges, for sharing pornographic photos with underaged girls — and doing so at work while his child baked in the scorching heat, police allege.

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