Shocking Facts About Atlanta Father Justin Ross Leaving Child to Die in Hot Car

justin harris
Disturbing and disgusting new information is being revealed in court about Justin Ross Harris, the metro Atlanta man who is being charged with felony murder for allegedly leaving his son Cooper in the car to die on purpose and with malice aforethought.
Prosecutors are presenting their case that Harris should be denied bond. The judge is also expected to decide today on whether to move forward with murder charges or simply rule this case as involuntary homicide or accidental death.
As prosecutors and police presented their case to the judge in Cobb County Superior Court in Marietta, Ga., just outside of Atlanta, some stomach-turning facts were unveiled before the court:

  • Harris never mentioned to police he had returned to car in deck at lunchtime. Police looked at the surveillance video to find out.
  • Also, Harris didn’t tell police he went to Home Depot on lunch hour, purchased two boxes of light bulbs, then threw them into the car, providing another opportunity to notice his son in the backseat.
  • When Harris went shopping at a Home Depot for light bulbs, prosecutors say, the father stops at his car when a passerby comes near his car and then waits until the person passes by before he opens the door to his car and threw the light bulbs in.
  • Prosecutors allege that Harris and his wife were having financial problems.
  • Investigators stated, according to the prosecution, that Harris was sending photos of his private parts to underage girls and having them send back photos of themselves in various states of undress.
  • Harris did receive a text from the daycare center inquiring about the whereabouts of his son, Cooper, investigators uncovered. This should have reminded Harris that he left his child in the car if he, indeed, do it on accident.
  • Investigators stated that Harris had researched on the internet on how to “survive in prison.”
  • Police detectives said they could not even stick their head in the car because the stench from decomposition was so strong. Even hours later, the stench was still powerful. Detectives don’t understand how could Harris possibly ride in that car with the windows rolled up and not smell his dead baby.
  • On June 18, day Cooper died, Ross had texted his wife, “When are you going to get my buddy?”
  • Wife Leanna showed “no real emotion” after being told Cooper was deceased. He didn’t even ask to see Cooper. She only asked to see her husband, police said.
  • Leanna called her mom and had a loud conversation with her. There was evidence that emotion was coming from Leanna’s mom only. Mom to Leanna: “Why aren’t you crying? Why aren’t you reacting?” Leanna responded: “I must be in shock.”
  • Police say that when Justin and Leanna Harris met up after the child’s death, Leanna can be overheard saying, “Did you say too much?”

Stay tuned for further updates.

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