Killer Mike Delivers Personal Sermon As ‘High And Holy’ Tour Hits Atlanta

Killer Mike has always carried himself with the demeanor of a Southern preacher. One of Atlanta’s top rappers has often used his platform to speak on political and social issues that impact the Black community. But with his latest album, “Michael,” the Dungeon Family member takes a more introspective look at his life. 

In promotion of the album, Killer Mike has hit the road with The Midnight Revival choir for the spiritual and soulful, “High & Holy” tour.

After stops in Birmingham and Charleston, Killer Mike returned home to perform before a capacity audience at The Tabernacle. 

Backed by The Midnight Revival choir, initially dressed in green robes, Killer Mike, dressed in all-white, hit the stage with the song “Down By Law,” he was joined by Cee Lo Green who appeared as a surprise guest. 

The Midnight Revival would eventually remove their robes, revealing all-white wardrobes that coincided with Killer Miker’s attire. 

On the soulful “Slummer,” Killer Mike reminisced on his teenage years when he faced the possibilty of becoming a father at an early age. 

“And all this teenage love is really just about posessin’, They call it adolescence ’cause we learnin’ adult lessons, And I ain’t grown because I rolled some stones and carry weapons, I was rubbin’ on your tummy when your mommy asked for money
Told me, “Your procedure’s Monday and she gon’ need like four hunnid”, And had I known your mother wasn’t gon’ never let you keep it, I wouldn’t have told my partners, would’ve kept that news a secret,” he rapped. 

Killer Mike would also call on a few more surprises during the evening. He introduced Big Boi from the legendary OutKast who performed “Kryptonite” and “Kill Jill.” 

The surprises continued as Killer Mike brought out his fellow Douglass High School classmate T.I. as the two performed “Never Scared.”

D4L’s Fabo would also join Killer Mike to perform “Something for Junkies.” 

But even with several notable guests, the show served as Killer Mike’s moment to testify.

On the gut-wrenching “Motherless,” Killer Mike broke down in tears as he attempted to complete the lyrics, “My mama dead (my mama dead), Her mama dead, Her mama died in my arms, my ma said that wasn’t fair (oh, mother, mother), Her mama raised me, I told her she crazy (sometimes, I need ya), She told me, “One day, I’m gon’ be gone, Michael, you gon’ see” (mother, mother).”

Killer Mike would end his show as if he was a true Southern preacher. With The Midnight Revival harmonizing “Thank You Lord,” Killer Mike would tell the audience, “The Lord has brought me so far, I didn’t have nothing, I didn’t have hope. I was lower than low. You have to thank God when you’re hopeless, when you have nothing left.”

Overall, the “High & Holy” tour serves as a moment for Killer Mike to deliver his personal sermon while providing inspiration and entertainment to those receptive to his message. 

Killer Mike and T.I. Photo: A.R. Shaw


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