Dr. Rashad Richey Named Dean of OcuPrep Institute of Georgia

The OcuPrep Institute of Georgia announced today that it has appointed Dr. Rashad Richey as Dean. Dr. Richey is a noted academician, national lecturer, Emmy-nominated political analyst, national television news anchor, talk radio personality, and business executive. As Dean, Richey plans to use his educational and executive expertise to grow the institution, expand academic program options, increase partnerships with agencies who will hire OcuPrep graduates, and further develop OcuPrep’s reputation and statewide footprint.

The OcuPrep Institute of Georgia is a higher education institution approved by the GA Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission and authorized as an approved higher education provider. OcuPrep is listed in the GA Directory of Institutions offering applied technical degrees, training, and certificate programs for various fields of study, including Ophthalmic Technician, Ophthalmic Assistant, and Dialysis Technician programs with additional academic programs slated for approval. OcuPrep courses have been championed by education pragmatists who believe in providing affordable educational training that prepares students for the current workforce.

“I am honored to accept this appointment as Dean of The OcuPrep Institute of Georgia,” said Dr. Richey. “Now, more than ever, students pursuing higher education need affordable options and skill-based training programs. OcuPrep provides students with best-in-class instructors and a curriculum that prepares them to enter a 21st century workforce. I look forward to working with the board on making measurable and sustained progress that will advance the institution forward.”

OcuPrep programs use blended study methodology for course delivery, which includes in-class instruction, lectures, practicums, and skill-based demonstration. The instructors are leaders in their respective field and trailblazers in reshaping medical, healthcare, and health management industries. Notable OcuPrep faculty and administrators include Yale University Professor Dr. Ruth Blake, PhD, Dr. Omar K. Danner, MD, Dr. Courtney Marsh, OD, Dr. Janice D. Ivery, DNP, Optician Diane F. Drake, LDO, ABOM, NCLEM, FNAO and others.

“Our board engaged in an exhaustive national search to fill the position of Dean, which is a pivotal role for the continued success of any institution. When Dr. Richey expressed interest, it was a unanimous decision. Dr. Richey’s academic prowess, business acumen, and love for students and education is truly unmatched. We are thrilled he will lead our academic success moving forward,” said OcuPrep President John Marsh, ABO/NCLE/LDO/COHC. Marsh has been a leader in technical education training for more than 30 years and nationally recognized as an optical science expert.

While Dr. Richey is known by many through his media platforms, he has held multiple professorial and leadership positions at various universities, including department chair and director level roles. Richey has a documented history of successfully growing businesses, developing internal policies, and enhancing educational outcomes.

Dr. Richey’s appointment is effective immediately.


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