Felicia Moore calls Dickens’ colorism campaign ad ‘shameful’



ATLANTA, GA – Today, Felicia Moore, Atlanta City Council President and the leading candidate to be the next Mayor of Atlanta, issued the following statement:   


“It is insulting that my opponent would think that I, as a Black woman, would ever darken another Black person’s skin for political gain. I’m appalled that my opponent is not only blatantly lying about this but is also using this lie to fundraise (see attached). Neither I nor any member of my campaign has ever participated in or authorized any of these shameful tactics to win this election.


“Throughout my career in public service, I have always held myself to the highest standards of integrity, and my campaign to be Atlanta’s next mayor has been no different,” said Atlanta Mayoral Candidate and City Council President Felicia Moore. “My opponent is now accusing me of using deceitful advertising and colorism to attack him and his campaign. This is simply not true.


“In my many years serving the people of Atlanta, my proudest achievement has been building a reputation as a public servant with integrity and I will continue to build that as the next mayor of Atlanta.”

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