EXTRA: Kevin Hart Gives Update on Baby No. 4

“Extra’s” Cheslie Kryst spoke with comedian Kevin Hart, who just welcomed a baby girl, Kaori, with wife Eniko Parrish.

Hart commented, “I gotta be careful to not be the jaded dad, ya know, this is baby number 4, so in the delivery room do you cry, no, you’ve seen it, you know the routine, I’m taking stuff out of the doctors hand, give it to me, let me cut the umbilical cord, put it under the lamp, I got it….Once you get home and you really get a look at everybody together, that’s when it sets in, you look and you say wow we’re a family of six…For me, it’s building and creating a legacy within my family that lives with or without me.”

Hart’s relaunching  the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon as the MDA Kevin Hart Kids Telethon, which he is hosting October 24 on his LOL Network.  Telling Cheslie, “First of all, you’re never going to outdo what Jerry Lewis did, this is about reviving an amazing brand that’s existed for so long.”  He went on, “As a father, I know how important my kids are…And you can only think about the other kids that are out there that may be going through so many other things. If you have the opportunity to have an impact and possible have a changing impact on those kids lives, well you take advantage of that.”

Recruiting his famous friends including Robin Thicke, Bryan Cranston, DJ Khaled and Michael B. Jordan when he host the telethon this Saturday on his LOL Network, “I gotta keep you happy and that’s a reason to go into your wallet.”


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