Cox Enterprises purchases 20 ballot boxes for the metro area and rural counties

Cox Enterprises purchases 20 ballot boxes for the metro area and rural counties with greatest need

Businesses across the state of Georgia are collaborating and giving generously to contribute to a smooth, safe, accessible election experience in 2020. In an election year that is facing a record number of voters, COVID-19 challenges, and the implementation of new voting machines in Georgia, election officials welcome support from the business community.

“Georgia’s great corporations, like Cox Enterprises and Roadie, serve as critical components not only of our state’s economy but also our state’s civil society,” said Secretary Raffensperger. “I thank these two companies for helping keep our poll workers and voters safe, and for proving important partners in our efforts to uphold ballot access during this unprecedented pandemic.”

Cox Enterprises proactively responded to a request for 20 extra ballot boxes for use across the state. According to the Secretary of State’s data, more than 1.5 million Georgians have requested absentee ballots to date, a more than 1,000% increase since 2016. “These ballot boxes are essential election equipment this year, and Cox is proud to support the safe, secure and accessible gathering of votes across Georgia” said Maury Wolfe, AVP Corporate Responsibility and Public Affairs. The incremental boxes will be distributed where there is the greatest need across the state. This gift aligns with Cox Enterprise’s commitment to accessibility this fall as the company has granted employees six hours of paid time off to vote.

Roadie, an innovative and fast-growing delivery platform headquartered in Atlanta, has donated rapid ballot box delivery to get the boxes into the field as soon as possible. “Roadie delivers everything from cupcakes to couches. Why not democracy?” said Kayla Duperreault, Roadie’s Head of People. “Cox has done a wonderful thing sponsoring these ballot dropboxes. We’re proud to get them to the communities where they’re so sorely needed to ensure Georgia’s voters have a smooth election experience.”

Founder of GaVotingWorks, Betsy Armentrout says, “The outpouring of support from the business community for our fellow citizens and election officials has been truly remarkable. We are all moving rapidly to meet the needs with creative solutions for a safe, smooth and accessible election process.”

Participating Georgia companies in GaVotingWorks to date include AKQA, AT&T, The Atlanta Hawks, The Coca-Cola Company, Corporate Volunteer Council, Cox Enterprises, Delta Airlines, Dominion Voting Systems, Gas South, The Home Depot, ICP International, IHG, The Lola, Mercedes Benz USA, NCR, Parkmobile, Roadie, Southwire, UPS, YMCA Metro Atlanta.

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