Dr. Dre says Suge Knight lied about 'peace summit' that ended in tragedy

Former Death Row partner Dr. Dre says Suge Knight lied when he said that he appeared on the set of Dre’s commercial for the purpose of holding a peace summit between the longtime warring factions.
The reason why he knows that Knight is lying is because the legendary producer and part-owner of Beats by Dre never asked for a peace treaty and didn’t know that Knight was coming on the set.
According to sources close to Dre that spoke with tmz.com, Dre did not believe the story when told Knight said Terry Carter — the man he struck and killed by running him over — was bringing Knight to the set because Dre wanted to end their beef.
Less than an hour before the fatal hit and run, Knight went to another set location but was thrown out by Dre’s security. Later, Knight said he got a call from Carter who said he had just spoken with Dre and that he wanted Knight to return in order to thaw their icy relationship they’ve had since the tumultuous breakup in the mid-1990s.
Dre added that it’s interested and very curious that the only other person who has first-hand knowledge of the so-called brokered peace treaty is now dead because Knight ran over his head with his SUV.
Furthermore, Dre reportedly did not Knight anywhere in his vicinity they view Knight as a black hole of bad luck and bad karma. Mostly, they feel that Knight has a legion of enemies who want to see him dead, illustrated best with the shooting last Summer where Knight was hit six times. Dre and his crew, who has separated himself from gangsta rap since his Death Row days, doesn’t want to be hit in the crossfire by bullets intended for Knight.

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