Debbie Allen Defends Bill Cosby, Questions Accusers

Slowly but surely, the list of celebrities who have publicly defended Bill Cosby in his legacy-destroying rape allegation scandal has grown to include Jill Scott, Whoopi Goldberg, Cee Lo Green and now actor-dancer-choreographer-director Debbie Allen.
During the promotion of her BET holiday musical “The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker,” which debuts this week, told Kathie Lee & Hoda during an interview on the TODAY show that the accusers are “hard to believe.”
“I don’t think we can have this conversation honestly in two minutes. It begs to ask a bigger question. Where’s the moral spine in America and in the world today? Because how are we raising our daughters, our sons? Where are we looking for the guidance of how we’re supposed to live,” she asks, “Cosby gave us one of the greatest shows in history, and redefined the perception of black people all over the world.”
“At the same time, I’m a part of One Billion Rising,” she continued. “This is a movement for women to stand up against violence and denigration of women. This is a tough situation, and it’s just hard to believe. I don’t know. I think that so much time has passed before they all have kind of have come together…there’s a big question that my mother ask me every day, ‘Why now? Why are these people trying to destroy his legacy?’”
What do you think about Allen, who is the sister of Phylicia Rashad who starred as the wife on “The Cosby Show” and was a producer on the spinoff “A Different World,” and her sentiments which cut against the currents of public opinion?

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