Keyshia Cole Arrested for Beating Up Birdman's Jump Off

Perpetually angry songstress Keyshia Cole went volcanic — yet again — after she allegedly caught another woman at new boyfriend Birdman’s Beverly Hills, Calif. condo early Friday morning.
Cole, who’s had multiple beefs with people in the music industry and members of her own family, apparently was not dumb enough to swing on the beefy Birdman who probably has no compunction about striking back. Instead, Cole took the safe route and vented her rage on the jump off. And then she subsequently landed in jail.
Keyshia Cole spent Friday morning in jail after allegedly assaulting a woman who apparently spent the night with Birdman, whom rumors say they are dating.
We can safely and easily deduce they are indeed dating.
Keyshia showed up at the swanky Carlyle condo complex at around 5 a.m. to see (or perhaps check on) Birdman, the CEO of Cash Money/Young Money. When she got in she saw another woman, Cole lost it.
TMZ says Cole left visible marks all over the woman’s face.
Cole was summarily arrested for battery. She would have been busted on her next encounter with police anyhow since she was also charged with not showing up to answer to an outstanding reckless driving warrant. Cole was released soon thereafter released on $46,000 bail.


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