NFL Players Blast Roger Goodell's Press Conference; They Want Blood

It will be remarkable, and surprising, if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell survives arguably the greatest scandal — and by far the worst two-week period — in league history. The press conference did little to allay the fears of a distrustful public and only served to emboldened the formerly cowering workforce to rip into Goodell with aplomb.
Already the players are circling around the commissioner in the waters and, with Goodell hemorrhaging so much blood from this public relations catastrophe, commenced to a feeding frenzy on their lame duck commissioner because of his penchant for giving non-denial denials and spitting out ambiguous responses that failed to answer pointed questions.
Take a look at the current and former players stampede all over the “law-and-order” commissioner who for his lack of leadership on a embarrassing string of domestic violence and child abuse cases, and also rip Goodell for his apparent hypocrisy, as well as a hint of a what some players believe is a cover up on the Ray Rice investigation.
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