Case of Georgia Man Who Left Son in Hot Car to Die Goes Before Grand Jury

ross harris2
Ross Harris, left, with his wife Leanna and son Cooper.

A Cobb County grand jury is about to hear the murder case brought against Ross Harris, the suburban Atlanta man who allegedly left his son in a hot car to die on purpose, and reports say the jury could return its decision to indict him today.
Harris, 33, is accused of intentionally leaving his 22-month-old son, Cooper, inside the scorchingly hot SUV for seven hours while he was at work. He has been being held at the Cobb County Jail on no bond ever since his arrest.
Harris claimed he forgot to take his son to day care in the morning despite having breakfast with his son just minutes before pulling up to his Home Depot job in Marietta.
During the probable cause hearing in July, prosecutors and the police testified that Harris was in his office having explicit conversations with as many as six different women as as his son died in the back seat of his car on a hot day.
In a somewhat surprise twist, Harris’ wife Leanna is not being charged in her son’s death despite coming under intense scrutiny from investigators and the media. Investigators said Leanna Harris also looked up information about hot car deaths in the weeks prior to Cooper Harris being killed in the back seat


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