Georgia Felons Can Now Receive Online Pardons, Not Trump

Good news for convicted felons. Whether it’s due to former President Donald Trump and 18 of his cohorts being indicted on criminal charges in Georgia bringing the pardoning process into focus, the process just got easier for the state’s convicted felons. The process for receiving pardons and getting rights restored will no longer be required to complete and then mail Georgia’s pardon applications to the Georgia Parole Board for consideration. Hopeful applicants will now be able to complete an electronic application and e-file them online.

“This is great news and a very exciting step forward for Pardon and Restoration of Rights considerations in the State of Georgia,” stated Chris Barnett, Executive Director of the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles.  

However, Trump and the 18 others indicted on election interference and RICO charges in Fulton County will not be eligible for pardons as they are facing state charges that are not “pardon-proof” as Trump had hoped.

In Georgia, pardon power does not rest with the governor (aka Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican) but with the State Board of Pardons and Paroles, a board within the state’s executive branch.

Barnett says implementing the new system is the result of hard work and dedication by the Board’s Clemency Division and will prove to be a great enhancement to all seeking restoration of rights or a pardon due to a criminal conviction.

The new system will result in a more efficient pardon application filing and voting process. The parole board members will review the pardon application electronically including all relevant materials before voting on the application, also through an electronic process. 

A pardon issued by the Georgia Parole Board is an order of official forgiveness and does not expunge or erase a person’s criminal record. The granted pardon is attached to the person’s criminal record which can result in improved education, employment, and career opportunities.

To qualify for a Pardon for offenses other than sex offenses which require you to bethe  listed on Georgia’s Sex Offender Registry applicants must have:

●      Completed all sentence(s) at least five (5) years prior to applying.

●      Lived a law-abiding life during the five (5) years prior to applying.

●      Cannot have any pending charges.

●      All fines must be paid in full.

The Georgia Parole Board has the authority to grant pardons for state felony convictions. The board members thoroughly review the applications which include investigations and interviews conducted by Clemency Investigators.

To learn more about applying and receiving a pardon in Georgia go to For more information, contact Steve Hayes at, or 404-657-9450.

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