Beyoncé Says Atlanta Wins ‘Everybody On Mute’ Challenge

Atlanta got in formation in more ways than one as Beyoncé turned the city to BeyTL. On the first night of her three-shows at the Mercedes Benz Stadium, the queen put the audience to a test while singing, “ENERGY.” 

Throughout the “Renaissance Tour,” when Beyoncé performs the song, there’s a moment when the entire crowd should remain silent for about six seconds. Most cities have failed the test miserably, screaming and yelling during the moments when everyone should be silent. 

But on the night of Aug. 11, the Atlanta audience was more than prepared. 

When Beyoncé sung the magic words, “Look around everybody on mute,” nearly 70,000 in the stadium remained silent. 

Once the moment passed, Beyoncé revealed the city of Atlanta to be the overall winners of the challenge by screaming, “Y’all won, y’all won, y’all won!”

The crowd erupted while claiming victory. 

Beyoncé’s weekend stay in Atlanta will end after tonight’s final show in the city. 

View the winning moment below. 

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