Ray J, Sammie, Bobby V and Pleasure P Form New Group RSVP, Will Headline Show In Atlanta

One year ago, Ray J, Sammie, Bobby V and Pleasure P hit the stage to open for the Omarion and Mario “Verzuz” battle. The high-energy moment proved to be hilarious and meme-worthy with several clips going viral. 

To build off of the momentum, the four R&B stars decided to come together and form the group, RSVP. Currently on tour, the group will make their way to Atlanta on June 24 to perform at the MableHouse Theater. 

ADW recently caught with the group who shed light on how the group formed and their upcoming show. 

The nation got the first glimpse you all during the “Verzuz” in 2022. Why did you all decided to form a group?

Bobby V: We all felt like it was magical. And God spoke to us and said let’s all connect through the trials, through the ups and downs. This could be something special, and we can just lock in as one group. It’s all strategic and it’s all planned for a bigger play.  

Ray J, you were once a solo artist. How’s different now that you are collaborating with other members?

Ray J: This is something new. Something exciting. I think in this group, we continue to figure this thing out and it gets better and better. You know, right? We get together and do a show, it sparks up the whole play for us. It gives us the blueprint of what it looks like when we’re on stage and tapping into the fans and so I think the group makes it super fun. We’re all just starting over again with a new group. But while we’re a new group, most of our audiences aren’t new. They’ve known us for years. And we know we got to build it from the ground up. So the challenge and the fun together is euphoric.

Sammy: I think there’s so much humility at the foundation of this group. As silly as we are collectively, I feel like this is the most special thing I’ve been a part of my entire career. And this is coming from somebody that’s been a child star and teenage heartthrob.

Pleasure P, you were apart of a group before. How’s it different this time around?
Pleasure P: It’s different because everybody has had success in their lives. This is more fun than the group that I was involved in. This right here is all fun and it’s literally more fun to be in this group and to perform. I can really be myself and let my hair down and just have fun and that’s really more profound than anything. And we have the opportunity to mess up. We got the opportunity to go down and do a cartwheel and land on my neck [laughs]. And it’s still cool. Yeah, because these are my boys we are each other’s brothers.

On June 24, this is the first time Atlanta is going to see you all live. What does it mean for the show to be in Atlanta?

Sammie: Bobby and I live here and were raised in Atlanta. So I think it’s beautiful for the first show to be at MableHouse. Atlanta has had the sauce and the swag for quite some time. So we’re calling all family and friends to come out and join us. 



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