Barack Obama, Oprah, Atlanta Officials Mourn Passing of Trailblazing Singer Tina Turner

One of the most celebrated artists in music, Rock N Roll Hall of Famer, Tina Turner, has died. Dubbed the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, she was world known for her electrifying stage performances and her remarkable repertoire of hit songs blew open the music industry and redefined musical genres with her raw Rock ‘n’ Roll R&B sound.

“Tina Turner, the ‘Queen of Rock’n Roll’ has died peacefully today at the age of 83 after a long illness in her home,” Turner’s representative said in a statement obtained by the Daily Mail. “With her, the world loses a music legend and a role model.”

The entertainment icon died at her home near Zurich, with her second husband, German music executive Erwin Bac by her side. After the music powerhouse’s health began to fail as she suffered from a number of medical maladies, including cancer, a stroke, back surgeries, and kidney failure. Bac donated one of his kidneys to her in 2017.

The raspy-voiced singer whose rise to fame was chronicled in the film What’s Love Got to Do With It may be one of the most memorable biopic films in history, earning actress Angela Bassett who played Turner an Oscar. 
Turner’s road to transformation from singer to superstar maybe because of, or in spite of an abusive relationship with husband Ike Turner, who managed hear and performed with her as the Ike and Tina Turner Review.
Her classic hits include: Ask Me How I Feel, Better Be Good To Me, Break Every Rule, Falling Like Rain, I Don’t Wanna Lose You, I Might Have Been Queen, In Your Wildest Dreams, One Of The Living1, Baby, Get It On, Whole Lotta Love, Acid Queen, Under My Thumb, Sometimes When We Touch, Night Time Is the Right Time, Back Stabbers, Let’s Stay Together, Help!, The Best, What’s Love Got To Do With It, and of course Proud Mary, the performance which will live on in music history and showcases her signature dance moves along with what many consider the best pair of legs of any contemporary singer.
Her songs are part of her music legacy that also features electric live shows, books, a remix, a musical, and a documentary.
One of Turner’s biggest fans, President Barack Obama, tweeted after news of her death: “Tina Turner was raw. She was powerful. She was unstoppable. And she was unapologetically herself—speaking and singing her truth through joy and pain; triumph and tragedy. Today we join fans around the world in honoring the Queen of Rock ‘N’ Roll, and a star whose light will never fade.”

Oprah Winfrey, a close personal friend of Turner’s stated: “I started out as a fan of Tina Turner, then a full-on groupie, following her from show to show around the country, and then, eventually, we became real friends,” she captioned the post. “She is our forever goddess of rock ‘n’ roll who contained a magnitude of inner strength that grew throughout her life.”


She added how Turner was “a role model not only for me but for the world” who “encouraged a part of me I didn’t know existed.”

In addition the Atlanta City Council issued an official statement on Turner’s passing:

“A true pioneer in music and entertainment, Tina Turner’s impact is beyond measurable. With a career that spanned decades, she achieved immense success with her soulful voice and amazing energy on stage. Beyond music, her image and style captivated audiences around the world and influenced and empowered future generations of singers and entertainers. She will be remembered as an icon who left an indelible mark on the music industry. We honor her exceptional talent and our thoughts and prayers are with her family, loved ones, and fans.”



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