YSL Attorneys Face 20 Days In Jail, Forced To Write 17-Page Essay For Not Buying Lunch For Other Lawyers

The Young Thug, YSL case continues to make headlines for everything except the actually trial. This week, Judge Ural Glanville lashed out at attorneys Anastassios Manettas and Eric R. Johnson, they represent YSL members Miles Farley and Christian Eppinger. 

Manettas refused to buy lunch for other attorneys and Judge Glanville responded by threatening to hold him and Johnson in contempt of court.

“It has been brought to my attention that some of you at various times have gotten cross purposes with our court personnel,” Glanville said. “And this falls under the general category of professionalism and our obligations as counsel…Do not provide extra items in contravention of the things that our deputy have told you. On a basic level, folks, all of us are still subject to the rules to include the court. So please don’t put yourself cross purposes with the court.”

Glanville fined Manettas $250 and ordered them both to write a 17-page essay on the importance of professionalism in court. The essay must be APA Style and complete with 20 primary and secondary sources. The essays must be complete by April 28 or they face 20 days in jail. 

“A 17-page paper on the importance of professionalism in the legal field and treating one’s opponents with civility,” Glanville said. “Paper is to be published quality in APA format and at least 10 primary and secondary sources. April 28 at noon or you do 20 days.”

It’s another complication in the troubling YSL case. Jury selection has lasted four months and will not end until the summer; a YSL defendant allegedly attempted to hand drugs to Young Thug while in court; and YSL lawyers have complained of low wages. 

There were initially 28 defendants and 14 took plea deals. As a result of the pleas deals, any of the co-defendants named in the original indictment could be called to testify during trial.

Incarcerated since May 2022, Young Thug was arrested along with fellow rapper Gunna and other members of YSL (Young Slime Life). They were charged with the RICO Act by Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis.



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