SZA Navigates Rough Seas Of Love And Relationships With ‘SOS’ Tour

SZA takes fans on a voyage that details the highs, lows, and uncertainties of love and relationship with her “SOS” tour. On March 7, the singer made her way to the State Farm Arena in Atlanta where she performed before a capacity crowd. 

With several towering LED screens on stage that displayed visuals of a sea, the show opened with cinematic flare. SZA, dressed in a hockey jersey which featured an “S” logo, sat at the edge of a diving board surrounded by a large body of water singing the song “PSA” with the lyrics, “I don’t want nobody callin’ me anything but number one, Know I got problems, I don’t know how to take losses, Even when, even when they are lost causes, I waste my energy plenty, serve me to bury my envy.” 

Following the song, SZA appears to jump into the body of water, possibly serving as a metaphor for diving deeply into the uncertainty of a relationship. The opening scene is followed by the credits, “SOS Tour starring SZA.”

The journey begins with a makeshift boat on stage that appears to move through the body of water. Several backup dancers, dressed as sailors at times, stay in line with the theme. 

SZA sung a medley of hits including “Do It To You,” “Notice Me,” and “Love Galore.”

She would also pay homage to the great Erykah Badu by singing a rendition of “Bag Lady.”

SZA’s first surprise of the night would be an appearance by Atlanta native Summer Walker who joined her to perform “No Love.” 

Lil Baby, another Atlanta native, would follow moments later and performed “Forever.” 

Through an on screen visual, SZA would offer fans a backstage look at her wardrobe change as she sung “Smoking On My Ex Pack.” 

She would return to stage and sing the “Black Panther” hit “All The Stars.” 

The theme of her at sea returned and the voyage gradually got worse with visuals of thunderstorms and high waves. SZA would delve into darker songs and re-enact the infamous “I’m flying” scene from the movie “Titanic” where the ship would go under moments later. 

SZA’s boat would also go under and the stage momentarily went dark. 

She would return on a life raft that levitated above the crowd at State Farm Arena as she sung “Nobody Gets Me” and “Gone Girl” where she seeks more understanding. “Can’t think, it’s too hard to process, Get around you and I regressI decide what demons I digest, I’m just tired of repeating, I digress, Trying to find deeper meaning in nonsense, Trying to grow without hating the process, Tired of anticipating the worst, yet Still anticipating the worst.” 

Following another wardrobe change, SZA returned to stage and went into the fierce song “Kill Bill.” While swinging a GoGo Yubari weapon in honor of the movie of the same name, SZA would sing the menacing lyrics, “I might kill my ex, not the best idea, His new girlfriend’s next, how’d I get here?”

SZA would sing her hit “The Weekend” before ending her set on brighter night. Backed by visuals of a calmer sea and bright sunlight, SZA closes her show with the song “Good Days” singing, “Good day in my mind, safe to take a step outGet some air now, let your edge out.”

Overall, SZA’s voyage mirrors the turbulence and good times that can be had in any relationship. Throughout the storms and moments of confusion, love always finds its way home. 

Photos: Norman Johnson

Photos: Norman Johnson


Photos: Norman Johnson
Photos: Norman Johnson

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