Tyler Perry Donates $2.75 Million To Help Older Atlanta Homeowners

Tyler Perry continues to give back in tremendous ways. The movie mogul recently teamed up with Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens to provide assistance to older homeowners in the city. 

With the deal, Perry is donating $2.5 million for older residents on fixed residents to help them stay in their homes. Over the past decade, Atlanta’s growth has coincided with rising property taxes. Perry’s contributions will  cover city, county, and school taxes. 

He will also cover any increases in property taxes for the next two decades. Perry has already donated $750,000 for the first year and will pledge $500,000 over the next four years. 

The entire donations will cover 100 low-income residents and will be administered by Invest Atlanta. 

“I knew that the success of my studio would affect all the property values around it,” Perry said in an interview with AJC. “But make no mistake the seniors on fixed incomes around the studio will not lose their homes because of past due or rising taxes… no sir!! We ain’t doing that to our legacy. Thank you Mayor Dickens and Invest Atlanta for caring about our folks. God bless.”






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