Derek Luke, Sabrina Revelle Star In TV Series Produced By LeBron James, ‘The Crossover’

Derek Luke and Sabrina Revelle will star in a new project produced by LeBron James’ production company, SpringHill. “The Crossover” explores the dynamics of youth sports, education, health, and family. 

Luke and Revelle portray a married couple who provide guidance to their sons, Jalyn Hall and Amir O’Neil, on and off the court. 

Based on the critically-acclaimed best-selling novel by Kwame Alexander, “The Crossover” will debut on Disney Plus in April. 

Luke and Revelle recently spoke with ADW to discuss the new project, “The Crossover.” 

Basketball is a major theme, but education is also an important component. I want to talk about the education aspect first. Why is it important to push education and instilling some values in these young men?

Revelle:  I believe that education piece is huge because we want to instill the value in our children. My character is about GPA and not just the NBA. She backs her children and their passions, but she just doesn’t want them to lose sight of the educational piece and what it can do for their careers. You’re not always going to be able to play basketball. You are going to get old and what do you do? Do you have other avenues in life to be a well-rounded person? Education helps you with that as well. 

A lot of times in our communities, we won’t think too much about what we eat. But Revelle’s character is consistent with maintaining a healthy household. Can you speak on that?

Luke: A lot of men, especially men my age, don’t talk about their health. None of my friends come and say ‘Hey, Dee, I got high blood pressure.’ They’ll say ‘I was sick for a minute.’ That’s how some of us talk about it. I posted that my blood pressure was high and I needed to change my nutrition.

Revelle: I’m very much into health. I believe as humans, but especially as African Americans, I believe we are under a higher amount of stress and we don’t even know it. I believe we don’t even know when we’re stressed because it’s been so normal for us and so natural for us for a long time that we think it is the normal way of life. And being so highly susceptible to these things like high blood pressure and diabetes and stuff like. It’s not because we’re just made up differently, that stems from your body being under stress. When your body is under a level of stress, it is more susceptible to all diseases. And so I am on a healing journey. And so I always speak about it. I think it’s very important. And especially for parents, you don’t want to leave your children early. So let’s work on it and let’s change it.

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