Toni Murphy Enters New Role As SVP Of Sales And Marketing Central Division At Comcast, Talks Relocation To Atlanta

Toni Murphy takes on a new role as Comcast’s SVP of Sales and Marketing for Central Division where she will be headquartered in Atlanta. Murphy previously held the title of Senior Vice President of Comcast’s Keystone Region where she oversaw the organization’s operational, strategic and financial performance across areas serving western, central and northeastern Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, northern West Virginia and the Maryland panhandle.  

Murphy recently sat down with ADW to discuss her new role and relocating to Atlanta. 

What are you most excited about when it comes to your relocation to Atlanta? 

There’s so much to love about Atlanta. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the US, it has one of the busiest airports in the world. So many people come to visit Atlanta for the arts, for the sports, for so many different things. I’ve seen a lot of increase in tech where companies coming to Atlanta and are putting their footprint here. For me what’s appealing is that it’s a large growing metropolis with very diverse constituents. That’s why I’m excited for this role of Comcast because ultimately, my job is to give all of these people who call themselves from Atlanta a reason to believe in our company and our products and services.

What are your thoughts on the importance of diversity and inclusion?

I know that representation matters, that somewhere somehow someone is seeing me and saying, ‘Wow, I can do that too.’ So I live by this idea that diversity and inclusion is all about all of us being seen. There’s a South African proverb that says, ‘I see you and accept you for who you are.’ I can’t do this work well without being good at diversity and inclusion. Because ultimately, if we’re going to win new and different customers, we have to see everybody. So if you look at the work we’re doing with rural broadband and making people aware of our affordable connectivity program. Embedded in that concept is this idea of diversity, racial diversity, age diversity, geographic diversity. So for me, it’s not only part of my ethos as a human being, but it’s critical to how I’ll be leading in this new capacity.

For individuals who are looking to embark on similar roles. What advice will you give on how to overcome hurdles and challenges?

I would tell anybody who wants to get into a role like this, be curious and be nimble on your feet. Over my career, I’ve gone from being a banker to being a financial leader to a project manager, to an executive of a region and now a chief marketing officer. And the commonality of those roles is that every day is different. Every day, our customer base is evolving. Our competition is evolving. Think of your career as a lattice, not a ladder. Your career is an opportunity to satiate new curiosities, and be open. So I always say have a path to ‘Yes.’ The more you’re able to be curious, you’d be amazed at how many roles that you’d be really well-equipped to lead.


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