Barack Obama Calls Out Kemp For Admitting SB 202 Voting Bill Was Result Of Democrats Winning Georgia In 2020

Barack Obama took a moment to blast Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. The former president made a point to attack Kemp for purposely making it hard to vote. 

Kemp admitted that he signed Senate Bill 202 because the Democrats outvoted Republicans in 2020, leading to Joe Biden’s victory in the state. 

“I was as frustrated as anyone else with the results, especially at the federal level. And we did something about it with Senate Bill 202,” Kemp said during a gubernatorial primary debate in May 2022.

Obama responded to Kemp’s own word by saying, “When the governor boasted over the weekend about approving Senate Bill 202 because of his frustration with election results, he was making clear that Georgia Republicans made it harder to vote in 2021 because they didn’t like losing in 2020.”

SB 202 made numerous changes making it more difficult for Georgians to cast a ballot and have it counted, including shortening the window during which voters can request and return an absentee ballot, drastically reducing the number of ballot drop boxes and eliminating hundreds of hours of drop box availability, making it much harder to vote by provisional ballot, and making it a crime for volunteers to hand out a bottle of water or snack to voters waiting in long lines.

Abrams is seeking to upset Kemp in gubernatorial race and become the first Black woman to serve as governor in America. Early voting is currently taking place in Georgia until Nov. 4 and Election Day is Nov. 8. 


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