Herschel Walker Shows Off Fake Police Badge During Senate Debate Against Raphael Warnock

The Senate debate between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock turned into an event that resembled a comedy sketch. During a heated exchange with Warnock about his false claims of being in law enforcement, Walker decided to use an interesting prop to prove himself. 

“We will see time and time again tonight, as we’ve already seen, that my opponent has a problem with the truth,”  Warnock said. “You can support police officers… while at the same time holding police officers, like all professions, accountable…One thing I have not done I’ve never pretended to be a police officer.”

Walker responded by showing a prop police badge. The Republican candidate was quickly scolded by moderators who told him that using props were against the rules of the debate. 

Although Walker performed better than most expected during the debate, the entire event was overshadowed by Walker’s use of the prop badge. 

Walker has often told false stories about being in law enforcement. 

He once told an audience of U.S. servicemen and women, “I worked in law enforcement, so I had a gun.” In 2017, he said, “I work with the Cobb County Police Department.” And in 2019, Walker told an audience, “I spent time at Quantico at the FBI training school. Y’all didn’t know I was an agent?”

However, there is no official record of Walker being in law enforcement. He was once made an honorary sheriff in Cobb County. The badge that is given is similar to what kids receive from departments during school field trips. 

In the next few weeks, Georgia voters will decide on who deserves to be named to the Senate. 


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