Fulton Commissioners being sued by one of their own

Fulton Commissioners being sued by one of their own
Commissioner Khadijah asks judge to halt wrongful actions of County Chairman, fellow commissioners

Today, Fulton County Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman, who is elected from District 6 on the County’s predominantly Black south side, filed suit in Fulton County Superior Court individually against her six colleagues for interfering in her ability to represent constituents, attempts to silence her, for a sham ethics complaint filed against her, and for the defendants violating their oaths of office.

In a complaint, served at the time of this morning’s Commission meeting, Khadijah seeks a restraining order and permanent injunction individually and personally against Chairman Robb Pitts, Vice Chair Liz Hausmann and Commissioners Marvin Arrington Jr., Bob Ellis, Natalie Hall, and Lee Morris. (See complaint attached).

Earlier this year in March, the same six commissioners unlawfully tried to fire Khadijah’s staff and prevent them from running for elective office. The Fulton Superior Court issued a restraining order against their action, and a Cobb County (visiting) judge declared the Commissioner’ actions unconstitutional, unlawful and “unconscionable,” and made the order permanent.

More recently, the Defendant commissioners voted to remove Khadijah’s items on the Commission-Meeting agendas that exposed wrongful doing of the Commission regarding disparities in treatment of Black neighborhoods in the City of South Fulton compared to improvements made in White neighborhoods in Fulton County.

Then, just days ago, the Defendant commissioners issued Khadijah a cease and desist ordering her to not speak or publicize actions of the Commission—actions that legal experts have opined are public-information topics, not executive-session matters.

“Enough is enough,” said Commissioner Khadijah. “I have no choice but to ask a fair and independent judge to stop these rogue actions by my colleagues. I don’t know if a commissioner has ever had to sue his/her colleagues, but I will not stand for these officials to continually violate my rights as a citizen and my ability to perform my constitutional duties as an elected official.”

Commissioner Khadijah is represented in this matter by David Betts of Betts and Associates.


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