Georgia Now Endorses Lt. Governor Candidate Kwanza Hall as a Champion of Women’s Issues

Kwanza Hall for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia

Georgia Now Endorses Lt. Governor Candidate Kwanza Hall as a Champion of Women’s Issues

In a crowded field of nine candidates for Georgia Lt. Governor, the nation’s largest feminist organization endorsed Kwanza Hall. On May 1, 2022 Georgia NOW released their slate of candidates they trust to push forward an agenda of equality for women.

“I am honored to announce that Georgia NOW is supporting champions in the state of Georgia. We know that they will work tirelessly to protect our six core issues of Constitutional Equality, Reproductive Rights, Racial Injustice, Ending Violence Against Women, Economic Justice and the LGBTQ+ community. Within those core issues we advocate for voting rights, educational resources and expansion of healthcare,” said Triana Arnold James, the President of Georgia Now in her statement.

“I have long held the belief that many of the issues NOW represents are personal and should not be up to government officials who for the most part of history, have not had to experience first hand in their own lives,” said Kwanza Hall. “The women of Georgia can count on me to live up to the title of champion that Georgia NOW has bestowed on their endorsed candidates. I am truly honored, “ said Mr. Hall

Kwanza Hall has a long history of supporting feminism and contributing as an ally to the cause sponsoring many reproductive rights events and contributing and serving on election committees of many feminist progressive women candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Michelle Nunn, Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris, Park Cannon, Keisha Lance Bottoms, Nan Orock, Karla Drenner, Vi Lyles, Dee Haigler, Valencia Stovall, Able Mable Thomas, and Savannah Mayor, Edna Jackson.

“On the heels of the press reporting that the United States Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade, I am reminded of the importance of standing up without reservation for the right to choose,” said Mr. Hall. “I stand with NOW and all who believe in this right and in freedom.”

Kwanza Hall is a Democratic candidate for Georgia Lt. Governor. He was elected to Congress to complete the term of the late John Lewis Mr. Hall also served in elected positions on the Atlanta City Council and the Atlanta Board of Education for a total of 15 years.




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