Returning Citizens Find Digital Pathways to Success

Returning citizens are often unable to find gainful employment due their previous incarceration and numerous roadblocks to finding good paying jobs. Now one highly motivated corporate executive is teaching them how to code, become entrepreneurs and create their own businesses without the pain of rejection and the feeling of frustration.

Forty percent of Georgians have a criminal record. We also lead the nation with over 200,000 people on probation which is 321 percent higher than the national average. In Georgia, 2 out of 3 people released from prison are rearrested within three years. Our state’s recidivism rate is close to 50 percent.

In 1972, there were only 200,000 people incarcerated in the United States. Today that number has grown to 2.2 million

Mark Hayes, Atlanta Daily World Digital news anchor joins discusses real world successes in interviews with the program’s founder Paul Bolden and Dave Evans, a student who has completed the program.



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