American Rescue Plan approved for Fulton County

Fulton County approves accepting, distributing $206 million in American Rescue Plan funds

Commissioner Khadijah’s Resolution will provide assistance for homeowners, small businesses, arts community, youth jobs and premium pay raise for County employees.

On Tuesday, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners approved the largest relief plan in the County’s history that will provide direct help to Fulton County citizens and business owners.

The Board, on a 4-0 vote, adopted Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman’s Resolution that formally accepts as much as $206 million from the federal government under the American Rescue Plan Act, signed into law by President Biden last Thursday. The Resolution also earmarks six key priorities that the County must include in the use of the money.

“I am happy that after a long debate, today my colleagues agreed and adopted this Resolution,” said Commissioner Khadijah. “While we are giving vaccine shots, now we can begin to give much-needed economic shots in the arm too!”

The Resolution prioritizes the County’s $206 million in American Rescue Plan funds for:
Home-mortgage assistance for homeowners
• Assistance to small businesses with less than 30 employees
• Premium pay raise for all Fulton County employees
• Summer youth and young-adult jobs
• Arts funding for programs and services
• Health Response, Operational Stability and Community Needs

The Resolution passed along party lines. Democrat commissioners, Chairman Robb Pitts, Commissioners Khadijah, Natalie Hall and Marvin Arrington voted yes to approve. Republican Commissioners Bob Ellis, Liz Hausmann and Lee Morris refused to vote for the relief plan.

Before the vote, commissioners heard from dozens of residents, homeowners and business owners from North Fulton, Atlanta, and South Fulton communities.

“This is not a red issue, not a blue issue, this is a human issue. I wish my Republican colleagues would have supported this Resolution, but in the end, we did the right thing for the people who need help now,” said Commissioner Khadijah


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