MARTA lawsuit filed to re-instate 70 eliminated bus routes

by Ed Williams                                                                                                                            Concerned Citizens for Effective Government

A lawsuit has been filed in the Fulton County Superior Court on Friday, June 26, 2020, to compel the General Manager and CEO Jeffrey Parker to comply with its mandatory public duty under the MARTA ACT of 1965 (1965 Ga. Laws p 2243) and its amendments and the limitations of the RTCAA contract to unbind and re-instate the unlawful elimination of the 70 bus routes, schedules, and fares which required board approval before the routes were eliminated by CEO Jeffrey Parker on April 20, 2020. There is no statutory exceptions in the MARTA Act for a temporary action or violation. The Plaintiff seeks the enforcement of the MARTA Act sections 9 (a) and 9 (c). It shall be sufficient that a plaintiff is interested in having the laws executed and the duty in question enforced.”

MARTA transit service on April 20, 2020, eliminated 70 out of 101 routes without the MARTA board vote or any public hearing as required by law using the coronavirus safety as the reason that MARTA did not follow the regular procedures to obtain MARTA board approval. The CEO of MARTA is acting outside of the authority of the law. Two months later it still has not reinstated the bus services routes even though it just receive $300 million from the FTA for the coronavirus assistance to maintain operations. What is more, puzzling none of the jurisdictions have made any noise about MARTA drastic reduction in service even though many riders have complained.

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