25-year-old black woman CEO launches smartphone brand

Chaymeriyia Moncrief is a tech entrepreneur from Alabama who is the
founder and CEO of prepaid wireless carrier, Tesix Wireless™ Network. She turned
down a $4.4M takeover offer, raised over $5M, and ended the 2019 year with a $10M
valuation. Now, she is taking on an even bigger technology sector: smartphones and

As a wireless carrier, it is ideal to sell the most popular and latest smartphones under
your brand. Wanting to remain a standout Millennial focus carrier, Chaymeriyia was
determined to become the first African American woman to launch her own line of
smartphones, and eliminate selling other mobile brands.

With a mission to “create to inspire a forward culture,” Chaymeriyia decided to name the
electronic brand NSPRE™ (Inspire) Electronics featuring smartphones and other

After nearly two years of planning, the brand’s first phone, the NSPRE™ NX Pro, is
officially in production and has already sold out of its first pre-order batch. The NX Pro’s
companion NX Pro Plus, Limited Edition model, is now available as the brand’s 2nd
launch with only a limited 300 devices available.

The NX Pro & NX Pro Plus are internationally unlocked, and the company will ship in
the U.S., Africa, Canada, and Mexico.

With more consumer electronics in works, NSPRE™ will announce the release of two
more products this fall.
Learn more and pre-order at www.nspreelectronics.com/nxproplus

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