Atlanta organizations get help from MAC Cosmetics


M∙A∙C Cosmetics recently announced their VIVA Glam 2020 campaign that is dedicating $10 Million towards 250 local organizations all over the world that are on the front lines helping people at higher risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes organizations in Atlanta including Open Hand/Atlanta, Inc.

I wanted to reach out to share a glimpse of what the M∙A∙C Cosmetics VIVA GLAM Foundation has provided to Atlanta directly to help vulnerable communities and those in need during this truly devastating pandemic.

COVID-19 had immediate effects on the operations of Open Hand Atlanta that directly impacted the health-sustaining nutrition the organization provides low-income, chronically-ill individuals, as well as senior citizens throughout 33 counties in Georgia.

“We are working very hard to navigate this ever-changing crisis, with as little change felt by our clients as possible. Due to supply chain challenges during the pandemic, our registered dietitian nutritionists is using liberalized therapeutic guidelines to develop emergency meals designed to prevent hunger-associated health risks while still offering wholesome nutrition,” said an organizational spokesperson Tarai Kemp Brown, Health & Wellness Grants Manager at Open Hand Atlanta.

“Emergency meals are prepared, packed and frozen (another COVID-19 response adaptation) for delivery. We are also packing both shelf stable meal boxes and market baskets for distribution. Shelf stable meal boxes include items that can be utilized in the event our operations are forced to cease during the pandemic. In addition to our regular client base of over 4,500 we have contracted to provide home-delivered meals to more than 300 seniors at Big Bethel Village. Additionally, other counties in more rural areas have contracted with us to deliver our meals to almost 400 food-insecure individuals throughout southwest Georgia.

“We are accomplishing this by shipping meals to their homes.

How MAC donations have had a direct impact:

“Roughly a quarter to a third of Open Hand Atlanta’s annual revenue previously came from our social enterprise, Good Measure Meals. The pandemic forced us to make the difficult decision on March 26th to temporarily suspend services to our Good Measure Meals’ clients in order to focus solely on serving our most vulnerable constituents. This will cause a significant loss in revenue.

Additionally, we canceled our two largest fundraisers, Dining Out for Life and Party in the Kitchen. Our spring fundraising event, Dining Out for Life, is heavily dependent upon our restaurant partners. They have been hit particularly hard by the effects of the pandemic. Party in the Kitchen is our fall fundraiser. We count on corporate and restaurant sponsorships to make this event successful. Due to the condition of the economy, we cannot solicit them like we have in the past. The recent gift donation from VIVA GLAM will help ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses, as well as senior citizens, will continue to have nutritionally balanced meals. This mitigates risk of food insecurity and exacerbation of complications of their medical condition.

Because VIVA GLAM’s award was able to be used for general operating expenses, funding translates to 4,615 meals that we are able to deliver to the doors of fragile and immune-compromised individuals throughout Georgia.”

“VIVA GLAM has never been about one cause, but about support to vulnerable communities. It was created many years ago simply as a hardship fund for people who needed safety nets,” said John Demsey, Chairman of the M∙A∙C VIVA GLAM FUND and Executive Group President, The Estée Lauder Companies. “To leverage this 100% giving model to help people affected by COVID-19 is a continuation of the principles VIVA GLAM was founded on from its inception.”


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