Dallas police officer Amber Guyger’s conviction for the murder of her neighbor Botham Jean was in part made possible by video provided by an eyewitness who filmed the shocking event on her cell phone. But the lone witness, known only as Bunny came under attack along with a great deal of scrutiny which resulted with her being fired from her job at a pharmaceutical company.

The unjustified shooting death of Botham Jean by Dallas police officer Amber Guyger sent shockwaves through America. Guyger entered his apartment allegedly thinking it was her own and shot him dead. the lone witness to the Botham Jean shooting has stated her life is in turmoil and she is being labeled a Black radical.

The witness has been identified only as Bunny and has stated that she recorded Guyger on her cellphone after hearing the fatal shots and Botham asking Guyger why did you shoot me. That video was seized by prosecutors and has not been seen by the public. In addition, she was placed under a gag order by the prosecution and cannot discuss the details of the video in public. Despite the fact she was only a witness to the shooting, she has received death threats and now she says she has been fired from her job.

According to her, people began contacting the pharmaceutical company where she worked claiming that she was a radical, anti-police and a Black extremist. As a result, she claims the company did not want the publicity and fired her as well as revoking the credentials of her profession.

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