Georgia Representatives Launch New Legislative Voting Rights Caucus

Yesterday, State House Representative Carolyn Hugley (D-136) along with Sen. Nan Orrock (D-36), Rep. Sam Park (D-101), Rep. David Dreyer (D-59), Sen. Ed Harbison (D-15) and Rep. Kimberly Alexander (D-66) launched the new Georgia Legislative Voting Rights Caucus. Rep. Hugley will serve as Chair for the caucus.

The Voting Rights Caucus will serve to support the goal of enhancing voting rights in Georgia, recognizing that voting is the cornerstone of democracy and the fundamental right granted to citizens through which we shape policy, elect leaders and protect our nation. The right to vote is non-partisan, and the Caucus shall not have political allegiance except to the core objective of fair and ethical elections in Georgia.

This first meeting was standing room only with representatives and senators of both the Democratic and Republican party in attendance.

“This past election cycle showed us that the rights of our voters are not fully protected,” said Hugley. Launching this new venture seeks to make sure that our voters are put first and are able to freely elect their representatives without undue hindrance. That notion is exactly what this new caucus will do, and I’m thrilled to work with our friends across chambers and the aisle.”

“The launch of the Voting Rights Caucus will be a bipartisan effort to encourage substantive dialogue and effective policies to preserve one of our most sacred rights,” added Orrock.

The Executive Committee is composed of the following duly-elected positions and may elect more officers:

Chair, Rep. Carolyn Hugley
First Vice Chair, Sen. Nan Orrock
Second Vice Chair, Rep. Sam Park
Secretary, Rep. David Dreyer
Treasurer, Sen. Ed Harbison
Financial Secretary, Rep. Kimberly Alexander

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