Abrams Campaign: "A Minimum of 30,823 Ballots That Have Not Yet Been Counted"

The Abrams for Governor campaign staff and volunteers have been working in all 159 counties to collect and review the county records and have discovered the number of ballots cast and the number reported outstanding by the Secretary of State’s office do not align. According to the campaign, it has discovered “a minimum of 30,823 ballots that have not yet been counted. The Abrams campaign maintains its position that every vote in this election must be counted.”

Kemp’s office claims there are 21,190 outstanding provisional ballots, which he says is fewer than the number needed to trigger either a recount or a runoff election.

However, according to the campaign’s findings, there are up to:

  • 1,303 in person early votes that are missing
  • 2,674 votes cast by mail that are missing
  • 26,846 provisional ballots

That’s at minimum 30,823 ballots, and it doesn’t include the number of ballots submitted by members of the military serving overseas, which could amount to as many as 2,684 ballots.

As of now, this campaign would go to a runoff with 26,074 votes, and a recount would be forced with only 23,713. Given that an overwhelming number of the provisional ballots that were cast are in counties that are significantly more likely to be Democratic-leaning, there is a chance that the counting of these votes would result in triggering a recount or a runoff election.


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