Weddings will break you (Sept. 19)


Every girl, big and little, is excited by the thoughts of a wedding. What will I wear, who shall I invite and should there be a theme are some of the things that run through our heads. Even a small wedding can cost thousands of dollars. Many plan the wedding and anticipate getting what they spent on the wedding back in monetary gifts. Just so you know, that rarely works. Maybe you didn’t know this but a lot of people show up with a gift that is worth $10 and they eat $100 worth of food.
I totally understand that brides want to look lovely on that special day and I’m a big proponent of looking your best at all times but to spend thousands on a dress that you will never wear again doesn’t make a lot of sense. Most bridal stores have sales and in some cities you can find “pre-loved” gowns. I thought that term was clever. My niece is getting married next year and she told me about a store in Michigan that sells previously owned dresses. I think it sounds like a great idea. I am a big fan of destination weddings and the bridal chapels in Las Vegas have really come a long way. Why not go to an island and have a wedding and vacation at the same time, the people who attend can enjoy a nice vacation, as well. Knowing what I know now I would rather use the money spent on a wedding on a down payment for a house and have a small wedding.
I was sitting in a church service recently and the minister announced that a young couple was going to get married after the church service on the next Sunday, the congregation was invited to attend and I think they were going to have a small reception right at the church. Last year I witnessed a wedding just like that. The couple did not have a lot of money for a large wedding, so they got married after church service and had a party at their apartment. They seemed so happy and the beautiful thing is there were no wedding bills to pay afterwards.
Ladies, just buy a dress and the guy can rent a tux and you can have a party and get married. I’m telling you those wedding dresses are gorgeous and I sure would like to have one. I only want the dress. I stopped in a bridal store recently to look for something that I wanted to wear to a white party. I was looking for a fascinator. A fascinator is basically a small hat on a headband. I was shocked when I asked the young lady who greeted me if they had any and she said she did not know what I was talking about. I explained what I was looking for and now she had learned a new word. If you are going to work in a bridal store there are just some things you must know.
My advice? Focus on the marriage, not the wedding.
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