New Sell-By-Video App Helps You Make Money From Your Smartphone

Discover three ways to generate income from one single app

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As of 2015, 51 percent of live content streamed to mobile devices were videos shot by smartphone users.  As more and more people create and share live video content, professionals with their eye on this trend have been wondering how to use it to grow their business and support their community.

A new Sell-by-Video app wants to help you to do just that. With the SellCast app, anyone with a smartphone can generate income using live HD streaming video to buy & sell items, host auctions and broadcast events. Buyers and sellers, crowdfunders and performers now share a common place to connect in real time!

Why Live Streaming?

We already know that video is a powerful sales tool. Forrester research has determined that 1 minute of video is worth, not a thousand words, but 1.8 million! So it’s no surprise to learn that 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it, and that retail websites that use video increase their conversion rate by 30%.

Live videos have the extra advantage of grabbing people’s attention by making them part of the story. In fact, live streams keep viewers watching for 8 times longer than pre-recorded videos. A broadcast happening in real time creates a sense of connection and urgency that makes it more likely that viewers will make a purchase.

Live Streaming for Your Community and Business

Are you looking for a way to raise funds for a cause that is dear to your heart? Would you like an easy way to broadcast an art show, dance performance or charity auction to benefit your community?

Professionals such as performers, fundraisers and influencers will find that SellCast is a powerful ally in reaching a wider audience, creating engaged followers and generating additional revenue streams.  In fact, a recent survey by Yahoo! showed that 45 percent of respondents are willing to pay for a live video from a favorite sports team, speaker or performer.

Imagine you have been organizing a charity performance for your community for several years. The event plays to a full house every year and is getting rave reviews. You want to capitalize on this success to raise more funds, but changing venue or adding extra performances are not viable options. You decide to live stream the event, at a lower price, for those who cannot be there in person. On the day of the event, you discover that your social media campaign, shared to your existing donors and followers, has produced hundreds of online viewers for your broadcast, from all over the country. All of a sudden, your local event is not so local anymore; you have successfully discovered a new source of funds!

Selling your Product with SellCast

SellCast is a great tool to launch a new product or add some excitement to your promotional sales event. By live streaming sales directly from their store, retailers create instant online and offline buzz for their event.

Live streaming can also benefit those of us who want to buy & sell or auction certain items, but don’t want to deal with the long wait times and uncertainty of standard sites such as eBay or Letgo. With real time interaction, buyers can feel confident that they know exactly what they are paying for, while sellers receive instant payment.

Buy, Sell, Crowdfund

Even though platforms like eBay, Craigslist, Periscope and Kickstarter advertise similar services, SellCast is the first system to take full advantage of the power and popularity of live streaming video for buying & selling, auctioning, broadcasting and crowdfunding, all in one place.

By using HD live streaming technology and product recognition software, SellCast is making buying and selling from your mobile phone fast, simple and easy.  “People don’t need to have 5 or 6 different mobile apps for this anymore; now they can do it all from SellCast,” says SellCast’s Chief Technology Officer Sarmad Markhdoom.

3 Revenue-Generating Features

  • SellCast
    Buy and sell in real time and get paid instantly. Combine the trust factor and responsiveness of face-to-face interactions with the convenience and speed of online transactions. Sell your couch, video game console or motorcycle in minutes!
  • BidCast
    Answer bidder questions in real-time to get the best price for your auction item. Auction valuable items for extra cash, or set up a charity auction to benefit your favorite cause.
  • FundCast
    Increase and reach your fundraising goal by adding a new revenue stream to your existing program, or stream a last-minute event on the go and start raising funds instantly with FundCast’s 30-second setup.

Why SellCast?

  • Lag-free HD Streaming
    Since video quality is the most important factor for 67 percent of viewers when watching a live stream, the SellCast platform provides you with an instant and reliable connection to keep viewers engaged with your broadcast.
  • Product Recognition Software
    SellCast product recognition software makes item listing easy. Once the system recognizes a product from the app’s extensive database, the information is pre-loaded on the app to speed up the selling process. Sellers save time, and buyers get the accurate information they need to make an informed decision.
  • Hassle-free Payment
    Both buyers and sellers can feel safe with instant payments through SellCast’s integration with PayPal.
  • Social Media Integration
    Instantly share your sale, auction or broadcast on Facebook and Twitter directly from the SellCast app and maximize exposure across your network to gain more viewers and faster returns

With SellCast, the possibilities are endless. All you need is an idea and a smartphone, and you are ready to start selling!

The SellCast app is currently available for iOS on the Apple App Store and is to be released for Android devices this month.

About Eercast

Founded in 2016. Eercast Inc., the Atlanta-based parent company of SellCast, is responsible for the development and distribution of the SellCast mobile application. To learn more:
SellCast is a registered trademark of Eercast, Inc.


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