Chance The Rapper Awards More Funding To Chicago Public Schools

Once again, the prince of Chicago hip hop, Chance The Rapper has blessed another group of Chicago Public Schools with major contributions to the performance arts programs.
His in-person announcement at Paul Roberson High School in West Englewood brought a room filled with media and press awaiting his latest announcement on Friday afternoon.
The three-time Grammy award-winning artist, Chancellor Bennett lit the internet on fire with his first donation of $1 million nearly three weeks ago after an unsuccessful meeting with Gov. Bruce Rauner. The discussion was meant to bring some clarity on the CPS budget deficit of $215 million withheld from the state to complete school year.
A couple of days later, Chance’s non-profit organization, SocialWorks announced ten CPS schools that would receive funding.
“I grew up not too far from here. Obviously, we all love the South Side. We all know the Illinois education system is one of the most underfunded in the nation which calls for CPS to make drastic cuts to the classrooms. Students have lost valuable teachers, supplies, access to afterschool and enrichment programs—especially for arts and special needs programs,” he said.
“As a parent and a proud CPS graduate, I’m committed to helping Chicago children have a quality learning experience.”

The Chicago Bulls President, Michael Reisdorf donates $1 million to CPS in the name of Chance The Rapper’s SocialWorks. Photo: Mary L. Datcher

Joining him, stood a group of Roberson high school students and on the other side, collaborative partners from the Children’s First Fund (CFF)—The Chicago Public Schools Foundation, and Chicago Bulls President, Michael Reinsdorf.
“As an artist and after school teacher, I know that the arts are essential. They teach students some valuable lessons–to ensure that more students have access the arts and enrichment education, I’m excited to announce the creation in collaborating with the Children’s First Fund and the New Chance Arts and Literature Fund,” Chance said.
Adding, “I’m proud to announce today that my hometown team, the Chicago Bulls have donated $1 million to CPS.”
The Chatham native graciously thanked each organization and individually sponsors including the manager for Justin Timberlake for their generous donations—answering his ‘call to action’.
He continued. “This effort direct and intentional and will affect the schools that is most in need. To do this, I’ve partnered with Ingenuity, a local organization and leader in the arts education field. I’m excited to have their leader, Paul Sznewjas and AmySue Mertens with me today. We will be developing a process with Ingenuity which will use data to make our decisions to identify schools with the greatest need an arts program.”
Roberson High School students proudly hold up donation check from The Chicago Bulls and SocialWorks. Photo: Mary L. Datcher

Schools are as follows and the 2016-2017 school year budget freeze to each school:
Crane Medical H.S.            $138,027
Percy L. Julian H.S.            $81,288
Philips B. Armour Elementary $115,451
Paul Revere Elementary   $26,978
Harlan Community Academy $256,074
Gage Park H.S.  $136,341
Solorio Academy H.S.  $468,556
Mariano Azuela Elementary $232,788
Michelle Clark H.S.  $196,399
Hyde Park H.S.  $236,816
Steinmetz H.S.  $152,701
Adam Clayton Powell Academy Elementary $71,473
He says, all those schools will be receiving $10k towards arts enrichment. “It is my job and who I am to bring light and attention to public school funding, broken formula and especially how it affects my hometown and 90 percent are minority students.”
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