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A graduate of Morehouse College, Munson Steed is a prominent entrepreneur, motivational speaker, artist and thought provoker. As CEO of Steed Media Group, Inc., Munson has steered his publication,”RollingOut into national prominence as the largest African-American weekly paper in the nation. Inspired by the interest of his seven-year-old goddaughter, Skye Johnson, Munson is now introducing the Little Professor Skye series to open the imaginations of young readers and expose them to life’s possibilities.

“I wrote this book to show children in our community that you can be anything and that we don’t have to limit our scope to just doctor and lawyer.”

The book drives this point home with its magic closet which houses her many occupational costumes. The magic closet allows Skye to “go anywhere I dream, be anything I choose.” The closet has attire for every occupation and occasion. In the book we get a peek into the closet which holds Skye’s lab coat, safari outfit, a pair of farmer overalls and much more.

Although Steed says the book is designed for grades K-4 the book explores mature concepts and word usage. Words such as excavating, developing and occupation are not words you typically see in a children’s book. But he says it’s all by design as are the many affirmations found throughout the book.

“There are a lot of affirmations in the book,” says Steed. The affirmations help when parents and children are reading it together and they are saying these things out loud. We want our children to have strong affirmations. Those affirmations will eventually become the confirmations that many of our children need.”

Steed says there is definitely more to come in his series of children’s book. There was even some talk of developing the book into a cartoon series. “We have a boy’s book in development and you can expect to see some two dimensional animation in the future.

Little Professor Skye’s Favorite Things is a visually impressive book artist Kareem Kenyada did a great job creating a bold and vibrant illustrations that really catch the eye.  And the story is sure to capture the heart and minds of parents, kids and educators. This book allows kids a glimpse into environments that they may not have seen before.

“Having a young black girl as a strong confident leader who loves science, math, being active etc. is something that our children need to see. We are feeding minds in advance, said Steed.” He continues, “Stereotypically we think you can only do certain things. That’s not the reality. It’s about skillset acquisition as well as intellectual capital which is what we’re giving in this book. Its capital vs just saying you should be one thing. We’re saying here are the infinite possibilities and these are the uniforms you can try on. We’re also promoting healthy meals, friendship, teamwork, reasoning these are all showcased in the book.”

To purchase a copy of Little Professor Skye’s Favorite Things visit, And stay tuned for the coloring book which is scheduled to be released early September and an additional book around the holiday time.

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