Three Things You Can Do Right Now ….

.. To Save Chicago Police Records From Being Destroyed

By Ken HareChicago Defender Staff Writer

Chicago Defender Staff Writer

Chicago is ground zero in the national crusade towards police reformation and accountability. Currently, underway in the courts is a legal battle that will no doubt have repercussions nationally and perhaps internationally – the fight to preserve the police misconduct records.
The Chicago Defender has reported on this issue in a groundbreaking, three-part series which you can read by clicking on the link:

Without the public’s support, it is a strong possibility that decades of potential police misconduct records could be wiped out. Here are three things that you can do right now to help prevent this from happening:

  1. You can call City Hall at 312.744.3300 and let them know that you support keeping the records.
  2. You can email the mayor at:
  3. Sign and distribute the online petition at

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