Burn 1,000 calories without realizing it

woman swimmingWhen it comes to working out, many will say they enjoy it most when it doesn’t feel like work. The important thing is, how hard you’re working out vs. how hard you think you’re working out are two different concepts. That fact can work to your advantage. Namely, since your perceived exertion might be more in your head than in your muscles. After all, the nickname for the treadmill is the “dreadmill”, so people forgo their workouts when they run out of music to listen to.
In 2012, a review published by the International Revue of Sport and Exercise Psychology found that listening to upbeat music trains people’s mind into thinking they’re working less, hence they end up putting in more effort for a longer period of time.
In short, it’s best to play around with your perceived exertion, because lowering it will likely cause you to work out harder, longer, and without paying attention to how much you sweat. Have fun while you’re exercising, and you’re more than likely to stick it out.
You might ask yourself, how else can I lower my perceived exertion? Try getting creative if you’re a runner. A 2014 New York University study found that when racers fixated their eyes on a target straight in front of them, they perceived the finish line to be closer, and this made their trek easier. Those same individuals also finished the race 23 percent faster.

Another somewhat hilarious study conducted by the UK’s Northumbria University found that when guys work out in the presence of a female onlooker, their perceived exertion drops. The opposite, however, tends to happen when that onlooker is a male. Hence, it might not be the worst idea to make your significant other your workout buddy.
Essentially, one of the simplest ways to torch the lbs (or at least inches) is to do something you enjoy. Here’s a list of activities that can burn as many as 1,000 calories quickly, and before you realize it:

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