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By Deborah Crable
Guest Defender Contributing Writer

Beloved Community Family Wellness Center Appeals to Community to
Top Off a “Meet or Loose” Million Dollar Fundraising Campaign for
Englewood Dental Clinic Extension and Wellness Program Expansion

The Beloved Community Family Wellness Center (BCFWC) has committed  to raise 1.1 million before the end of the year and is appealing to Englewood stakeholders to help reach its capital fundraising goal. They’re almost there.
The funds will enable BCFWC to resume construction of a new Dental Clinic and to provide expanded Behavioral Health, Nutrition and Wellness programs for Englewood residents. All campaign contributors will be recognized during a fundraising victory celebration Saturday, November 14, 2015 from 11:00am – 2:00pm at BCFWC – 6821 South Halsted Street.

 A Call for Support

BCFWC has successfully secured $937,000 (85%) towards the cost needed to resume construction of the Dental Clinic extension at their current Englewood location. An additional $200,000 (15%) is needed to complete the project.
“We must secure the additional funds before we will be allowed to access the $937,000 already secured and resume the project,” said Paul Williams, Esq. and Board Chairman. “We have until the end of the year to raise the necessary dollars to move forward or jeopardize losing all the funding for the project.”
Title acquisition delays and unexpected construction challenges prevented BCFWC from meeting the grant stipulated deadline to complete the project in 2014. Williams said, “We were able to get an extension, however, the cost of the delay has left us approximately $200,000 short of the funds needed to resume construction.“
Aggressive fundraising strategies appeal to all Englewood stakeholders including community residents, business leaders and corporate investors. Unique to this campaign is the creation of a community quilt representing all contributors that will be on permanent display in the new extension.

“We recognize that all community representatives have a vested interest in sustaining a healthy community and the quilt will be a reminder of the good works that can be accomplished through effective stakeholder collaboration and support,” said Williams.

The Expansion and Need

The expansion will allow BCFWC, in the first year, to provide dental care to 500 individuals, who will generate 1,500 annual visits. This will result in an additional 2,500 medical/behavioral health patients; who will generate 3,850 medical/behavioral health visits and 2,188 additional nutritional/wellness visits.

Good oral health is medically recognized as a critical component of overall health and wellbeing. The Greater Englewood Community is particularly deprived of affordable dental care, behavioral health and nutritional programs due to limited and/or no programs being available within its community.

“Oral health problems can be early signs of and even lead to other types of serious diseases. Untreated oral health conditions can cause disfiguring tooth loss and decay that can limit employment options and lower self-esteem, commented Margie Johnson, BCFWC Executive Director.

“While regular dental care can prevent and treat many oral health problems, financial barriers pose significant dental access problems for many of our low-income families. BCFWC’s goal is to make affordable dental care available to its patients and the community.”

For additional information regarding contributions, please contact Ms. Karen Owens, BCFWC Executive Assistant at (773) 651-3828.

About Beloved Community Family Wellness Center

Beloved Community Family Wellness Center (BCFWC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) providing primary health care to the greater Englewood Community, on Chicago’s south- side. Since it opened in (2005), BCFWC has provided care to more than 4,214 individual patients who have generated more than 13, 826 visits.

BCFWC mission is to provide holistic comprehensive, accessible and quality healthcare and social services programs to individuals and the community with particular focus on the health care of the medically underserved population of Englewood. This correspondence is to request your support in raising the required funds needed to complete our building expansion, which will allow us to provide affordable dental care to the Englewood community.


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