Rally to protest taser death of Troy Robinson by police at DeKalb Courthouse

DECATUR, Ga — A coalition of community organizations will converge on the DeKalb County Courthouse on Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. to protest the controversial taser death of Troy Robinson by DeKalb police.
An amalgam of human and civil rights organizations expected to be represented the #StopKillingUs rally include: the Sankofa United Church of Christ, The Coalition for Justice & Police Accountability, Let Us Make Man, #itsbiggerthanyou and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. The courthouse is located at at 556 N. McDonough Rd., Decatur Ga. 30030.
Troy Robinson was the person who was a passenger in a car driven by a friend. During a chase to get away from officers, Robinson was shocked by a taser while on an eight-foot wall, then fell, broke his neck and later died.
DeKalb County Police Department’s use of force manual specifically prohibits: 1) the use of tasers against a suspect who is fleeing; and 2) when the use of the taser would likely result in death from falling.  Mr. Robinson was later pronounced dead at Grady Hospital.  Mr. Robinson’s funeral was Wednesday, August 19th and is survived by his nine children, mother, brothers, sisters, and host of family members.
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has initiated a probe into Robinson’s death. Most suspect about the man’s death is the fact that there is cell phone proof that shows that, after he was tased and fell and broke his neck and suffered head injuries, Robinson was left to languish on the ground for about 10 minutes. No one rendered aid despite the fact there were several officers on the scene. Police also prevented anyone in the crowd from rendering aid or CPR to Robinson. By the time officers allowed one person to check on Robinson, the witness said he was already dead at the scene.
Witnesses also told the media, according to 11 Alive, that Robinson’s last words after falling from the wall and injuring his head and neck were “help me.” None of the first responders came to Robinson’s aid — until it was far too late.
Community members will gather to demand that DeKalb County police #StopKillingUs.  In the last nine months, there has been a spate of suspicious and highly-questionable deaths in the Atlanta area by law enforcement. DeKalb County Police Department has already killed a naked veteran, Anthony Hill, a man who called for help, Kevin Davis, and now unarmed Troy Robinson.
Rally organizers are encouraging everyone to be present at the rally to support the Robinson family and entire communities who have suffered at the hands of police abuse.
The list of invited speakers include: Sankofa United Church of Christ, National Action Network Atlanta Chapter, Let Us Make Man(LUMM), Malcolm X Grassroots Movement(MXGM), NAACP Young Adults Council and Attorney Mawuli Mel Davis of the Davis Bozeman Law Firm.

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