Farrakhan’s support for #justiceorelse heats up

farrakhan2Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan is calling on black media to bring attention to #justiceorelse as the second Million Man March draws near.
The minister spoke to over 50 news publishers and editors during a historic conference call this morning. The call was orchestrated by National Newspaper Publishers’ Association President Dr. Ben Chavis and Richard Muhammad. During the interaction, Farrakhan urged black journalists to recognize the critical position they are in to tell the stories of their people.
“If our story cannot be told by you, then we as a people are lost.”
The minister addressed a variety of questions submitted from newspapers across the country. Among the topics discussed was the first Million Man March. Considering the approach of the second installment of its kind, Farrakhan expressed that his most memorable moment from the 1995 march was the aura of peace that came from the crowd.
“To come down the steps of the capital, and see black men standing together, shoulder to shoulder.”
Farrakhan noted that despite the initial successful response to the event, people’s commitment to doing better quickly fizzled.  
“Today, we are not as strong as we should be,” said Farrakhan.
#JusticeorElse is a movement spearheaded by Minister Farrakhan with the mission to make government accountable for current racial inequalities. During the call, the minister explained how it relates to another quickly emerging movement, #BlackLivesMatter. Ultimately, he suggested the importance of a united front among blacks and people of color. And, one of the key aspects of uniting includes painting an accurate picture of the current state of affairs. It’s a task that the minister feels black media is uniquely positioned to do.
“We must consider, how do we present that narrative, as we are all stakeholders,”  Farrakhan said.  “Shouldn’t we unite, shouldn’t the press encourage us to unite?”
Regardless of the particular name, Farrakhan expressed that the movement must continue in the days following the second Million Man March.
“The day after is the best day to take the power of the 10th into the 11th,” Farrakhan said. “The world is in front of us, if we take our own foot out of our own way.”
For more information, visit www.justiceorelse.com.

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