Tips to keep your teen safe in the digital world

TeenSafe CEO and Expert to Discuss How to Keep Atlanta Teens/Children Safe in the Digital World
 TeenSafe, the developer of the number one iPhone, Android and tablet monitoring service for parents of teens who are addicted to their devices, will have an executive available in Atlanta today and tomorrow to discuss online dangers, sexting, online safety, cyberbullying, smartphone addiction, etc. With technology so prevalent in today’s day and age, TeenSafe has created a guide for parents to help keep kids safe in the digital world. Rawdon Messenger, TeenSafe CEO and industry expert is available to elaborate on the following safety tips:
5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe in the Digital World:

  1. Parent Their Digital Life As You Would Their Real Life
  2. Invoke Healthy Conversations With Your Child
  3. Set House Rules and Limit Digital Use
  4. Stay Informed And Be Up-To-Date With Technology
  5. Identify Unhealthy Technology Use

As digital natives growing up in a technological world, teens are constantly subjected to cyberbullying, sexual harassment and peer-pressure that are often communicated via mobile devices without a parent’s knowledge. TeenSafe’s mission is to help parents take advantage of every teachable moment when they feel it’s necessary for them to intervene.
For more information, please contact  or 951-719-1040 to schedule a time to speak with expert Rawdon Messenger while he’s in town.
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