Lifestyles Report…Can we stop the hate?


All of us who are adults know that we do not like everyone all of the time, but you learn to tolerate people of all hues and all backgrounds. How many of us have seen the pictures of two little children, one Black and one White, embracing each other? I’m sure those pictures are not too hard to find right about now after the horrific incident in South Carolina. The point this picture is trying to make is hate is learned behavior. The children will have a great time playing with each other until some “well meaning” adult begins to fill their minds with negative information that probably is not true.
So what led Dylann Roof to walk into that church and kill nine people? It was reported that he said, “Black people were taking over the world” and he said in the church “you’re raping our women and taking over the country you have to go.” Roof also wanted segregation between the Black and White races. A friend told him that was not going to happen. What I want to know is whose women are being raped? What was he so angry about? Perhaps too many Black men are hosts of game shows. Steve Harvey on “The Family Feud,” it used to be hosted by a White man; Terry Crews on “Millionaire,” it used to be Cedric the Entertainer for a minute and before that a White person; Wayne Brandy on “Let’s Make A Deal” used to be hosted by a White man and, to top it all off, there is a Black man in the White House.
A person who is not secure in who they are could be worked up by all of this “Blackness.”
Black people in magazines, on television, Black people on the fortune Five Hundred list, not that he has read that, but this could work an insecure person into a frenzy. I will never forget the whispers of a co-worker, “I don’t think we’re ready for a Black president.” He would whisper this over the phone and think I could not hear him. I used to think it was funny, but now I really don’t. There are times when I feel uncomfortable in neighborhoods where I am the minority and I’m all alone. I wonder if people are glaring at me in an odd way or if it is just my imagination? When I walk into a restaurant and I am asked, “how can I help you?” instead of “how many in your party?” I get suspicious. I’m coming in to eat, not ask for directions. I believe in my heart that many of the domestic shootings that have occurred in the past two years are due to people that are full of hate for people of the opposite race.
When I saw Roof being led away by police in such a calm, polite fashion, I was appalled. At one point he appeared not to be handcuffed. Why do the White mass murderers always get to live to go to trial and someone who is selling loose cigarettes has to die?
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